Delkor - Tray erectors, packing and three flap closers

Established in 1973 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Delkor has grown into one of the leading U.S. manufacturers of packaging machinery. Many of the most popular brands of food and consumer products are packaged each and every day by safe and dependable equipment designed by our creative team of engineers and automation specialists. In addition to Delkor's focus on designing and manufacturing packaging machinery, our company places a strong emphasis on working with our customers to find more efficient ways to use the materials used in packaging, such as corrugated, paperboard, films and adhesive.

Over the years, Delkor has been awarded numerous patents for its innovation in this area of materials and package design. Of special note, in 2008, Delkor received the Sustainable Packaging Leadership Award from WalMart Canada and the Canadian Packaging Association as a result of the enormous success one of Delkor's package patents had in reducing packaging material waste in Canada.

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