For more than 130 years Mercer have been working with food processing industries designing, developing and manufacturing a range of varied and specialised processing, mixing and cooking vessels. Building on the combined expertise of Mercer Stainless, Mercer Medical and the Mercer Research & Development division, has resulted in Mercer compiling a full range of process vessels.

To meet your needs, we can customise our cookers and or cooking kettles

  • Various tank bottoms from flat pitched, cone or dished bottoms.
  • Various tank tops fully open, hinged covers or domed tops (either manual or fully automatic) and can be supplied with steam jackets either selfgenerating or from an external steam supply.
  • All steam control, reticulation and regulation can be supplied by Mercer including the steamgenerators or boilers.

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Vacuum conveyors for powder & bulk

Vacuum is used with great advantage in conveying dry powder products through dedicated pipe systems. Piab's vacuum conveying systems are built of high quality material. When producing food, pharmaceuticals and chemical products there are demands on the highest possible degree of safety as to hygiene and operation.

Piab's piFLOW® conveyors have been developed as an answer to the severe requirements of operational safety and hygiene in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.


Specialists in the development and manufacture of quality high-value machinery for the automation of carton packaging processes.

Spice Application Systems Ltd (SAS) is a world leader in the use of electrostatic technology to apply flavourings and coatings to foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals.

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